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Welcome To Our New Website

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

It's A New Year, And We've Got A New Look!

After ten great years with our old website, we're ringing in 2023 with a fresh look.

After rounds of brainstorming, edits and team meetings, we are so pleased to be launching the new Linkus Group website.

Since our new site has now gone live it feels like the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves, and to kickstart our blog.

Here at Linkus Group we pride ourselves on: being unique, affordable, creative and

professional. Our mission is to provide individualized, expert hiring solutions to companies across North America; and, we needed our website to reflect that not only are we capable of achieving this, but we are the best solution for SMB's that come our way.

One thing we know is that this website will remain a work-in-progress. As we continue to reach new milestones throughout the year, service more clients and grow our team, things here will change. So, with that being said... check out our site! Play around with it, and let us know what you think we should change or what we should do next with it. Our clients are the primary users of this website, so we want to keep our ears open to feedback and ideas!

We want to hear your thoughts!

Email us at: with your website suggestions.

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